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A man standing in front of a large pine tree trunk

Safe harbor for woodpeckers

January 29, 2018 Learn more...

Tarver, who grew up in Alabama, is a longleaf fan. His property, 200 miles south of Atlanta, is named Longleaf Plantation. Photo by Mark Davis, USFWS.

Two biologists check on the health of a sedated Louisiana black bear

David Soileau: bringing the Louisiana black bear back from the brink

March 10, 2016The Louisiana black bear recovery work of people like biologist/land conservation specialist David Soileau has been so successful that sightings of the species is no longer such an uncommon occurrence. Learn more...

The Service’s David Soileau (right) examines a tranquilized Louisiana Black Bear as part of an effort to study the recovery of the species’ population. Photo by USFWS.

Conservationists from the Natural Resources Conservation Service gather around the hood of a truck to investigate paperwork

Easement program a win-win for landowners and black bears

March 10, 2016The rapid expansion of agriculture in the state of Louisiana was one of the factors pushing the Louisiana black bear to the edge of extinction. USDA’s Kevin Norton plays a key role in ensuring the bear has habitat while farmers benefit from restoring and conserving their land. Learn more...

As the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service’s State Conservationist for Louisiana, Kevin Norton (center) has partnered with many people, to the benefit of the Louisiana black bear.


A brownish-yellow salamander sanding on a mossy rock with large round eyes.

At-Risk Species Conservation

The Endangered Species Act provides a variety of ways for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and our partners to conserve and recover species while reducing regulatory burden. Learn more...

The Pigeon Mountain salamander is no longer at-risk of needing federal protection. Photo by John P. Clare, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

A small gopher tortoise with tan shell standing on sandy grass covered soil.

Voluntary Conservation Tools

If you or someone you know would like to manage property to conserve wildlife and natural resources we’re here to help! Learn more...

Gopher tortoise. Photo by Randy Browning, USFWS.


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