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  • A black bird with white speckling and red eyes in a biologist’s hand.
    Information icon Eastern black rail being banded. Photo credit: Christy Hand, SCDNR.

    Secrets of the Marsh: A Partnership to Protect a Rare Bird

    July 9, 2021 | 3 minute read

    The Eastern black rail is more often heard than seen, if observed at all. This small, secretive marsh bird is listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and lives in shallow, grassy wetlands along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. In South Carolina, the black rail has found a home in a unique wetland system with more than 300 years of human involvement. While this presents a daunting challenge, a recent South Carolina Coastal Program partnership put conservation on the ground and preserved a cultural heritage.  Learn more...

  • A stand of trees in a field of tall burned grass
    Information icon Fire-maintained pine woods on Scotswood Plantation. Note the scattered pond-cypress trees within the canopy. Photo by Christopher Hernandez, USFWS

    South Carolina species benefit from Coastal Program partnerships

    October 22, 2020 | 4 minute read

    Since its beginning in 1995, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s South Carolina Coastal Program has developed partnerships that have resulted in significant conservation achievements. That tradition continues today and has recently led to protection, restoration, and species recovery efforts – all on a single private property. Scotswood Plantation consists of several thousand acres in Williamsburg County, South Carolina. Scotswood has been managed for decades for the bobwhite quail. However, Scotswood is no ordinary quail plantation.  Learn more...

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