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  • A mussel with fringe around its opening partially burried in the sand on the river bottom.
    Information icon Appalachian elktoe in the Little River Translyvania County NC. Photo by Gary Peeples, USFWS.

    Dam removal begins on North Toe River in Mitchell County

    July 29, 2009 | 4 minute read

    The noise from the staccato pounding of a massive jackhammer brings nearby conversation to a stop. Bit by bit the machine, perched on the edge of the North Toe River just downstream from the town of Spruce Pine, cuts away at a decrepit dam whose removal will make the river safer for paddlers and open up miles of upstream habitat to fish and other aquatic life. “The North Toe is a wonderful river,” remarked Cliff Vinson, the driving force behind this project, “and taking this useless dam out makes it better.  Learn more...


  • A biologist looks in a net with two schoolkids to explain what they found.
    John Fridell checks a D net. Photo by Gary Peeples, USFWS.

    Toes in the Toe Watershed Discovery

    November 26, 2012 | 2 minute read

    Transcript Greetings, and welcome to the Southern Appalachian creature feature. Few children ever get the opportunity to wade into a stream, shoes on, while their teacher not only looks one, but encourages them. However, nearly every fifth grade student in Yancey and Mitchell counties recently had just that opportunity as they went out to the North and South Toe rivers for this year’s Toes in the Toe Discovery – an annual event that aims to get kids out of the classroom and to a river in their community for a day of learning.  Learn more...

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