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  • A hand holding a small snail hiding in its shell
    Information icon The magnificent ramshorn has a coiled shell in the shape of a rams horn, often reaching the size and weight of a dollar coin. The shell is brown colored (often with leopard-like spots) and fragile. Photo by USFWS.

    One man’s mission to save a magnificent mollusk

    July 21, 2014 | 6 minute read

    As Hurricane Fran blasted North Carolina’s coast in 1996, one man braved the flood waters to save a small yet magnificent snail from washing away. Andy Wood rushed out into the storm to collect as many magnificent ramshorn (Planorbella magnifica) from the refuge he had built in his backyard—the last place on earth the rare snail was known to exist at the time. Wood made it back indoors with 25 snails and dumped them into his son’s bedroom aquarium.  Learn more...

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