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  • Thousands of birds taking flight from a huge lake in winter.
    Tundra swans and snow geese gather at Lake Mattamuskeet. Photo by Michelle Moorman, USFWS.

    Restoring Lake Mattamuskeet

    June 29, 2017 | 7 minute read

    Swan Quarter, North Carolina – Don Nixon grew up hunting, fishing and crabbing in and around Lake Mattamuskeet. It is land his grandfather once owned, and land he intends to pass on, figuratively, to his 12-year-old son Jacob, who loves to fish and hunt. “It’s important what we hand down,” Nixon said recently. “I want to hand down a good lake to my son.” Don Nixon and his 12-year-old son Jacob live a quarter-mile from Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge and enjoy hunting and fishing together.  Learn more...

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