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  • A biologist holding a yellow/brown fish on a river bank in front of a dam
    North Carolina Biologist with Sicklefin redhorse. Photo: Mark Cantrell, USFWS.

    Sicklefin redhorse

    The sicklefin redhorse, a freshwater fish, can grow to 25 inches long. It has a sickle-shaped back fin that is olive-colored, sometimes partly red. Its body is also olive, with a coppery or brassy sheen; its lower fins are primarily dusky to dark, often tinted yellow or orange and pale edged; the tail fin is mostly red.  Visit the species profile...

  • A small, brown and yellow fish with iridescent scales around its gills
    Information icon A female spring pygmy sunfish. Photo by Matt Laschet.

    Spring pygmy sunfish

    Taxon: Fish Range: Currently occurs in two spring systems in Limestone and Madison County, Alabama. Status: Listed as threatened on October 2nd, 2013 The spring pygmy sunfish is a spring associated fish that is endemic to springs in northern Alabama. It was historically known to occur in springs in North Alabama along the Tennessee River in Limestone and Lauderdale counties. The spring pygmy sunfish was first discovered in Cave Spring in Lauderdale County, Alabama in 1937.  Visit the species profile...

  • A small fish with bright blue fins and orange coloring on its back.
    Information icon Trispot darter. Photo by Pat O'Neil, Geological Survey of Alabama.

    Trispot darter

    The trispot darter has three prominent black dorsal saddles, pale undersurface, and a dark bar below the eye. Scattered dark blotches exist on the fins rays.  Visit the species profile...

  • Waccamaw silverside

    The Waccamaw silverside, also known as skipjack or glass minnow, is a small (growing to about 2.5 inches), slim, almost transparent fish with a silver lateral stripe along each side. Its body is laterally compressed, the eyes are large, and the jaw is sharply angled upward.  Visit the species profile...

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