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  • A black and white bird with bright yellow breast and face.
    Blackburnian warbler. Photo Tim Lenz, CC BY 2.0.


    June 26, 2009 | 2 minute read

    Transcript Greetings and welcome to the Southern Appalachian Creature Feature Warblers, warblers, warblers. If you spend much time around birders in the Southern Appalachians, they seem to get really excited about warblers. While the term warblers is used to describe different groups of birds around the world, in North America it almost always refers to members of the family parulidae, also called New World warblers. There are dozens of North American warblers, most of which are insect eaters, and in our region they can be found in a variety of habitats, from the grasslands of the Southern piedmont, to the spruce-fir forests atop Appalachia’s highest mountains.  Learn more...

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