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  • A woman dressed in warm clothes in a field with tall grass looks through binoculars.
    Information icon Service biologist Sue Cameron searches for birds. Photo by Gary Peeples, USFWS.

    Backyard Habitat: Birds

    Are you a backyard birder or interested in backyard birding? Here are some tips for attracting beautiful birds to your backyard!  Learn more...

  • A brown bat flies through the air with wings fully extended.
    Adult Rafinesques big-eared bat soars through the night. USDA photo by the Forest Service.

    Backyard Habitat: Bats

    Bats play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. You can make a difference by providing homes for bats in your backyard. They will even help reduce insect pests that bother you and your garden plants!  Learn more...

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