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Conserving Paradise

Take a trip with us down the Altamaha River. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service traveled the river from Jesup in Southeast Georgia to the barrier islands where the free-flowing Altamaha empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Along the way, we met federal and state biologists, non-profit conservationists, river-loving landowners, Marine Corps officials, outdoor enthusiasts, commercial fishermen and a fishmonger.

Dan Chapman wrote the stories. Nicole Vidal filmed the videos with the help of a camera-mounted drone piloted by Scott Bishaw and Jeff Lucas. Roy Hewitt pieced together the stories, videos and map to bring the Altamaha alive. Phil Kloer edited the stories. Katherine Taylor handled social media.

We hope you enjoy it. Send comments to

Explore the Altamaha River

*Note: Green areas on the map represent protected local, state and federal lands.

Banner video of the Altamaha River by Nicole Vidal, USFWS.

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