Science Resources for Conservation Planning

The Service and other science based organizations support online conservation tools and databases. These tools support internal decision making processes and provide a layer of transparency by making data available to the public.

Conservation Tools

A screen shot of an interactive map showing areas of high priority across the south Atlantic coast.

Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA)

A Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a science-based mapping platform where conservation managers and LCC members can go to view, retrieve, and perform analyses on spatial information with specific conservation goals in mind. Learn more...

A screen capture of the South Atlantic LCC Conservation Planning Atlas Blueprint Simple viewer.

A screen capture of the homepage for encourages users to enter a search term or browse by category.

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The homepage of allows users to search by keyword or browse by category.

A screenshot from the Bald eagle species profile on ECOS showing an image and a description of the species.

Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS)

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A screenshot from the Bald eagle species profile on ECOS.

A screencapture showing locations of barrier removals across the country.

Geospatial Fisheries Information Network (GeoFIN)

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Each fish icon on the GeoFIN mapper represents a barrier removed from a stream across the country.

A map with a polygon drawn to designate an area of interest for development.

Information for Planning and Consultation (IPAC)

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IPaC allows users to draw a polygon around an area of interest to retrieve a list of threatened and endangered species.

A map of the continental USA showing projects funded by the USFWS.

Tracking and Reporting on Actions for Conservation of Species (TRACS)

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An map of projects entered into TRACS from the website.