Guanica Bay/Rio Loco

Watershed Partnership Initiative

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About the Watershed
Conservation Actions
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Partnership Accomplishments 2010 - 2014


Total Contributions: $7,280,570

*Coral Reef Task Force Partnership Initiative: funds from NOAA, USDA, FWS, and NFWF

**Coral Reef Conservation Program: funds from NFWF, NOAA, and FWS

Upper Watershed

  • 3,310 acres restored to reduce erosion and sediment in the Coffee Region
  • Total agroforestry practices (conversion of shade coffee plantation) 600 acres with 25,336 native trees delivered to over 50 farms
  • 20 acres restored using the hydroseeding techniques on 7 farms

Lower Watershed

  • 6,600 linear feet of irrigation water conveyance
  • 4 irrigation Water Reservoirs
  • 3 sediments and runoff control basin
  • 8,880 linear feet of open channels
  • Restoration of Guanica Lagoon (in progress) and Guanica Treatment Wetlands (in progress)