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Biologist Sue Cameron in front a natural background answers questions on camera
Information icon Video interview with a biologist. Photo by Gary Peeples, USFWS.

Regional Spokespersons

Our trained communications staff are available to respond to public and media inquiries. If you have a question about the work of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, would like to obtain an official quote, would like to set up an interview, or are seeking photo and video material, please contact us.

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Points of contact by state


Denise Rowell, Public Affairs Specialist
(251) 441-6630


See “General Media Inquiries”

North Florida

Chuck Underwood, Public Affairs Specialist
(904) 731-3332

South Florida

Ken Warren, Public Affairs Specialist
(772) 562-3909, extension 323


See “General Media Inquiries”


See “General Media Inquiries”


See “General Media Inquiries”


See “General Media Inquiries”

Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

See “General Media Inquiries”

Eastern North Carolina

Lilibeth Serrano, Public Affairs Specialist
(252) 933-2255

Western North Carolina

Gary Peeples, Public Affairs Specialist
(828) 258-3939, extension 234

South Carolina

See “General Media Inquiries”


See “General Media Inquiries”

General media inquiries, photos, video

Atlanta Regional Office representatives

Jennifer Koches, Public Affairs Specialist
(843) 300-0424

Elsie Davis, Public Affairs Specialist
(404) 679-7107

Mark Davis, Public Affairs Specialist
(404) 679-7291

Phil Kloer, Public Affairs Specialist
(404) 679-7299

Dan Chapman, Public Affairs Specialist
(404) 679-4028

@USFWSSoutheast Facebook and Twitter

Katherine Taylor, Digital Content Specialist
(404) 679-7125

A messy stack of newspapers
Stack of newspapers. Photo by Faungg, used under the CC by ND 2.0 license.

Contact Us:

Looking for a media contact? Reach out to a regional spokesperson.

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