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Fact Sheets by State -- Mississippi

Fact Sheets are available for every office, refuge, and hatchery managed by the Southeast Region of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. These are short, concise documents designed to provide quick factual information about each office and the resources they manage.

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Office File Size
Mississippi State Fact Sheet 19kb
Mississippi Visitor Handout 147kb
Coldwater River National Wildlife Refuge 41kb
Dahomey National Wildlife Refuge 46kb
Federal Aid 32kb
Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge 55kb
Grenada Law Enforcement Office 36kb
Gulf Coast Fisheries Coordination Office 55kb
Hillside National Wildlife Refuge 64kb
Holt Collier National Wildlife Refuge 35kb
Jackson Ecological Services Field Office 57kb
Jackson Law Enforcement Office 36kb
Jackson Wildlife and Habitat Management Office 48kb
Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture Office 47kb
Lower Missississippi River Fisheries Coordination Office 48kb
Mathews Brake National Wildlife Refuge 53kb
Mississippi Migratory Bird Conservation 51kb
Mississippi Partners for Fish and Wildlife 57kb
Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge 59kb
Mississippi North American Waterfowl management Plan (NAWMP) 46kb
Mississippi Wetlands Management District 58kb
Morgan Brake National Wildlife Refuge 57kb
Natchez Law Enforcement Office 39kb
Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge 56kb
Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge 54kb
Partners for Fish and Wildlife 56kb
Private John Allen National Fish Hatchery 59kb
St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge 57kb
Tallahatchie National Wildlife Refuge 58kb
Theodore Roosevelt National Wildlife Refuge kb
Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge 60kb


Last updated: February 20, 2014