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Downloading Instructions for Comprehensive Conservation Plans and Environmental Assessments

You can view finished drafts and finalized copies of Comprehensive Conservation Plans (CCP) and Environmental Assessments (EA) for each refuge by clicking on the corresponding link below (You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to access the links below):

1. Bayou Cocodrie Cover Small Pic. Credit: USFWS  Draft of Bayou Cocodrie CCP and EA


To Download a chapter of the CCP to your computer:

Step 1 - Click on the link to the Chapter above.

Step 2 - The chapter will open in Acrobat Reader. There will be a tool bar that looks like this:

Tool Bar graphic

Step 3 -You will need to click on the icon that resembles a disc as illustrated above. Then a dialog window will pop like the window below:

Adobe PDF files graphic

Step 4 - Make sure that you know what folder you are saving this file in. If you are unsure about the folder make sure that the "Save in:" drop box has the word "Desktop" in it. To do that click on the small black downward arrow on the side of the box and chose "Desktop".

Step 5 - Make sure the first box above reads bcch1 after "Object name:" (bcch1 is the name you will be giving to the file that you are downloading)

Step 6 - Make sure the second box reads "Adobe PDF Files (*.pdf)" after "Save as type:" (this is where you are letting the computer know what file type the file will be.

Step 7 - Click the "Save" button (also shown above).

Step 8 - The dialog box will close and return you to the plan. Close the plan and Acrobat program. Locate the file where you saved it or look on your "Desktop" to find the file that you named (possibly bcch1) and double click the icon and it will open on your computer.


To "Copy" and "Paste" from a Acrobat file.

Step 1 - After opening the Plan in the Acrobat program select the "T" tool marked below (make sure it is the correct "T" tool like below because there are two different "T" tools):

Tool Type graphic

Step 2 - Place the cursor within the Plan where you want to start copying the text, hold down the left mouse button and drag across the text you would like to copy. Once you have reached the end of the text you want to copy, release the left mouse button. The text will be highlighted, then click the right mouse button and a menu will pop-up with the word "Copy" on it, select "Copy" and the highlighted text will disappear.

Step 3 - Open your Word program and paste the text in as you normally would.


Last updated: March 2, 2012