Upper Ouachita and Felsenthal Refuge Expansion Proposal
Conserving the Nature of America
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Benefits to Fish, Wildlife and Plants


This proposal will provide habitat and promote management for a diversity of wildlife, including endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers, threatened Louisiana black bears, waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds, marsh birds, woodcock, and forest interior songbirds. Annually these refuges attract hundreds of thousands of migratory waterfowl including mallards, teal, pintail, shovelers, gadwall and wood ducks.

Rafinesque’s big-eared and southeastern bats, both species of concern, use water tupelo-baldcypress brakes within bottomland forests.

These lands are also important to Neotropical migrants as well as nesting
warblers, Mississippi kites, cerulean warblers, and wood ducks.




A red-cockaded woodpecker clutching a tree with a worm in its mouth

Endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers would be one of many species to benefit from this expansion. Photo: M. Lammertink, Cornell Lab of Orinthology.

Last updated: February 25, 2013