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Dec 6, 2000
Biologist Documents Rare Mussel in Chattahoochee River for First Time in 150 Years

Dec 5, 2000
Georgia's Junior Duck Stamp Contest

Dec 4, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Awards Grants For Coastal Restoration Efforts in South Florida

Nov 30, 2000
Public Input Sought on Technical/Agency Draft Revised Recovery Plan For Florida Manatees

Nov 9, 2000
Clear Winner: Bob Hautman Gets the Vote in the 2000 Federal Duck Stamp Contest

Oct 31, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Final National Wildlife Refuge Compatibility Policy and Regulations

Oct 27, 2000
Public Invited to Chickasaw National Wildlife Refuge Plan Meeting

Oct 27, 2000
$5.2 Million Appropriated for Pelican Island and Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuges

Oct 26, 2000
Sandhill Crane Migration Study Reaches Halfway Point

Oct 25, 2000
Service Continues to Expand Non-Toxic Shot Options - Study Showsban on Lead Shot Saves Millions of Waterfowl

Oct 23, 2000
Public Invited to Lower Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge and Sunk Lake Public Use Natural Area Plan Meeting

Oct 20, 2000
Christine Eustis Named Assistant Regional Director for External Affairs

October 10, 2000
Celebrate National Wildlife Refuge Week October 8-14

October 6, 2000
Service Proposes Critical Habitat for Endangered Spruce-Fir Moss Spider

October 4, 2000
Sandhill Crane Migration Lays Foundation for Potential Whooping Crane Reintroduction

October 3, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Names Top Law Enforcement Official for the Southeast Region

September 27, 2000
Efforts to Save Alabama Sturgeon Continue Despite Setback

September 26, 2000
Critical Habitat Revision Warranted for Endagered Beach Mouse Subspecies

September 26, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Expands Acquisition Boundaries for Two Wildlife Refuges in Western Tennessee

September 21, 2000
Refuge Has Spectacular Coastal Cleanup!

September 14, 2000
Public Input Sought on Technical/Agency Draft Revised Recovery Plan for Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers

September 13, 2000
Final Conservation Plan Released to Manage Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

September 1, 2000
Comment Period Extended on Proposed Critical Habitat Designation for Wintering Shorebird

August 22, 2000
Fish Hatcheries Feeling Effects of North Georgia Drought

August 21, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Clarifies Baiting Rules, Offers Guidance for Hunters, Law Enforcement Officers

July 21, 2000
Nine of the Ten Captive-Bred Puerto Rican Parrots Released into Caribbean National Forest Still Flying Free

July 19, 2000
Lake Sturgeon "King of Fishes" Reintroduced Back into the French

July 18, 2000
Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Large-Flowered Skullcap Plant to be Downlisted from Endangered to Threatened Status

July 10, 2000
Revision of Critical Habitat for the Endangered Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow May Be Warranted

July 7, 2000
Southeast Prevails in Wetlands Awards

June 30, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Designation of Critical Habitat for Populations of Piping Plovers

June 28, 2000
Return to Freedom! (Retorno a La Libertad!) Captive-Bred Puerto Rican Parrots Released in El Yunque

June 9, 2000
Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service Announce Draft Policy for Evaluation of Conservation Efforts When Making Listing Decisions

June 7, 2000
Celebrate National Fishing Week

May 25, 2000
Marines and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Unveil Environmental Poster

May 25, 2000
Mississippi Gopher Frog Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection

May 11, 2000
Statement of Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt on House Passage of the Conservation & Reinvestment Act

May 11, 2000
International Migratory Bird Day - May 13, 1999

May 2, 2000
Alabama Sturgeon to Receive Federal Protection Under Endangered Species Act

April 27, 2000
Texaco to Fund Lower Mississippi River Valley Reforestation Project

April 24, 2000
Final Refuge Conservation Plan Released to Protect the Panther and Provide for New Public Viewing Areas

April 24, 2000
Service Announces Sites for Meeting to discuss Double-Crested Cormorant Management

April 18, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes to Designate Vermilion Darter as an Endagered Species

April 11, 2000
St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Volunteer Receive's Governor's Points of Light Award

April 11, 2000
Public Invited to Authur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Plan Dissussion

March 24, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Eagle 2000 Awards Program to Honor Those Involved in the Recovery of the Bald Eagle

March 15, 2000
Wild Fish Health Survey Provides Clues to Largemouth Bass Virus

March 14, 2000
Federal and State Conservation Agencies Investigate Manatee Harassment in Hernando County

March 3, 2000
Dismal Swamp Southeastern Shrew No Longer Needs Endangered Species Act Protection

February 25, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Selects Arkansas Native as Manager of Pond Creek Refuge

February 25, 2000
Armored Snail and Slender Campeloma Designated as Endangered Species

February 23, 2000
Biologists Aid Recovery of Rare Fish by Stocking in Oconee River

February 11, 2000
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Adoption of Pond Creek Refuge Management Plan

January 14, 2000
Biologists to Examine Effects of Savannah River Draw-Down on Fisheries, River Habitat

January 12, 2000
Catahoula National Wildlife Refuge to Expand -- Additional Habitat for Migratory Birds and Other Fish and Wildlife

January 4, 2000
Meetings Will Discuss Resident Canada Goose Conflicts

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