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February 25, 1997                                 Diana M. Hawkins



In addition to its national and regional home pages on the Internet, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has established computer list servers to directly distribute news releases and endangered species information via e-mail to subscribers. According to the Service's Southeast Regional Director, Noreen K. Clough, there is no cost associated with subscribing to this service which is available to anyone interested in fish and wildlife conservation, including the news media, students, public libraries and the general public.

"The Service's list servers are designed to rapidly disseminate information concerning the Service and its activities," Clough said, noting that providing conservation information is an important aspect of the Service's mission. The list servers include:

To subscribe to either of these list servers, send an e-mail to majordomo@www.fws.gov with "subscribe [name of list server]" in the body of the message omitting the quotes. Also, leave the Subject line of the message blank.

To subscribe to a special list server providing information on endangered species, send a message over the Internet to: R9IRMLIB@mail.fws.gov and on the Subject line (not the body of the message), type "Send ES Media" omitting the quotes. Subscribers to this list server will receive a text file that is compatible with all word processors and other software packages such as Excel and Harvard Graphics. Subscribers may also request the information to be sent specifically formatted in a WordPerfect file. To request this format, type "Send ES Media WP" omitting the quotes on the Subject line and leave the body of the message blank.

Please note that subscribers are not able to reply or send their own messages to the list servers. They are designed mainly as a "one way street" to rapidly disseminate information concerning the Service and its activities. They are not used for gathering feedback. Each item posted will have a point of contact included, so subscribers can get more information via a separate e-mail or phone call. Questions concerning a particular news release or item of information should be directed to the person listed as the contact.

To access more detailed information about the Service, its programs and activities, surf the National home page at http://www.fws.gov. To reach the Southeast Region's home page directly, go to http://www.fws.gov/r4eao.

A collection of past news releases is also available on the World Wide Web at http://www.fws.gov/r9extaff/pubaff.html. On this home page, the releases can be reviewed in chronological order or searched by keyword.

For additional information about list server commands, send a message to majordomo@www.fws.gov with "info fws-news" in the body of the message omitting the quotes.


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