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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has announced a proposal to acquire about 4,815 acres of wetlands and uplands for the expansion of the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge in Effingham County, Georgia and Jasper County, South Carolina. The proposed expansion would protect additional habitat for many species of wildlife and would increase the size of the refuge to approximately 30,126 acres.

The Service is seeking public comments on a draft environmental assessment and land protection plan for the proposed expansion. The assessment considers the biological, environmental, and socioeconomic effects of expanding the refuge. It also evaluates three alternatives for the protection of the project lands and the potential environmental impacts.

The proposed expansion would include about 4,087 acres of bottomland hardwoods and other wetlands adjacent to the current refuge boundary in Effingham County, Georgia, and about 728 acres of upland habitats along the refuge's eastern boundary in Jasper County, South Carolina. The project lands would be protected and managed as part of the refuge through a combination of fee title purchases from willing sellers and conservation easements with willing landowners.

The purpose of the proposed expansion is to protect a diversity of wetland and upland habitats for the benefit of migratory birds, wintering waterfowl, wading birds, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and many other species of game and nongame wildlife.

Copies of the draft environmental assessment and land protection plan are being made available for public review and comment from May 8 to June 16, 1995. Requests for copies of the proposal and for further information on the project should be addressed to Mr. Charles Danner, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1875 Century Boulevard, Atlanta, Georgia 30345 or Mr. Sam Drake, Refuge Manager, Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, 1000 Business Center Drive, Parkway Business Center, Suite 10, Savannah, Georgia 31405.

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