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Southeast Region News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                        Vicki M. Boatwright

June 5, 1995                                 Diana M. Hawkins


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has posted an Endangered Species Press Kit on the Internet to distribute information to outdoor writers, environmental reporters, or virtually anyone with a computer that can send and receive electronic mail.

To obtain the text file that contains the Press Kit, send an E-mail message to:


On the subject line (not in the body of the message--it should remain blank), type:

Send ES Media

In response, the Service's file server will transmit to your Internet E-mail address, a text file containing the latest endangered species information. This file is compatible with all word processors and other software packages such as Excel and Harvard Graphics.

WordPerfect users can order files specifically formatted for their word processing software by typing in the message subject line:

Send ES Media WP

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