Session Descriptions

Session Title: Model Builder

Instructors: Mark Endries

Session Content:  Content: Have you been using ArcGIS for a long time and ever wondered what ModelBuilder is and how to use it, or do you know basically what ModelBuilder is and want to use it but don’t know how to get started?  Well this is the class for you.  This class will provide you with an introduction to ModelBuilder:  what it is, what the components are, and how do you create, edit and run a model.  We will first take a look at a wildlife habitat process and work through this analysis the typical way most GIS users are familiar – the ArcMap interface.  Then we will take the same process and develop a model, using ModelBuilder, to run the analysis. 


Knowledge Required for Session: 1 year experience working with ArcGIS and ArcToolbox.

Session Title: Intermediate GIS

Instructors: Barry Wood, Kirsten Luke, Brian Hickinbotham

Session Content: This session will cover such topics as editing, simple geodatabase creation and importing of shapefiles, using an ArcGIS server to access data, using some simple ArcTools (intersect, union), joins & relates, and tables to analyze habitat.  We'll also cover working with DEMs if time permits. 


Knowledge Required for Session: Some knowledge of ArcCatalog & ArcMap

Session Title: GIS Introduction

Instructors: Steve Holzman , Karen Torres, Emery Hoyle, Brian Paddock

Session Content: This is a two day version of the three day NCTC course.  This course gives participants an introduction to GIS technology and terminology and teaches them how to use an existing GIS. Professionals emerge from this course with skills in the use of GIS software. Training examples use data from actual FWS projects and other similar conservation efforts.

  • Describe the basic functioning of GIS technology and its application to natural
    resource management;
  • Make decisions in the application of GIS technology to natural resource issues;
  • Create and print maps; and
    Use GIS software for natural resource applications.

Knowledge Required for Session: No previous experience required.  Open to all attendees.

Session Title: Spatial Analyst

Instructors: Amy Keister, Blaine Elliott

Session Content:  You most likely know what a raster is but you may not be quite sure how to use them other than as a background image for your map. You really want to take the next step and learn how to do raster analysis and how to use some of the tools in Spatial Analyst (ESRI's GIS engine for raster analysis). Raster analysis is very powerful for doing spatial analysis, but can be intimidating and difficult to understand without training. This course will introduce you to Spatial Analyst and several of the more commonly used tools in ArcGIS for raster manipulation and analysis.

Knowledge Required for Session:  Intermediate to Advanced GIS users

Session Title: GPS Techniques

Instructors: Mark Richardson, John Simpson, Doug Newcomb

Session Content: This course focuses on integrating GPS devices with hand-held field computers for customizing field data collection projects. An overview of the latest devices and configurations used in mobile mapping projects is provided. Participants learn how to import GIS data layers into field collection devices and design field data forms that meet the requirements of their existing GIS. The importance of project planning, database design and file management issues are discussed. Other topics include remote positioning techniques, vehicle tracking systems, and creating metadata according to the latest Federal standards.

Who should attend: Field biologists, GIS specialists, realty specialists, and other natural resource professionals with previous experience using GPS who are designing or managing field data collection projects.


Knowledge Required for Session: For all attendees who use GPS.

Session Title: High Accuracy Elevation Modeling with LiDAR

Instructors: Doug Newcomb, Robert Greco

Session Content:  LiDAR ( Light Detection And Ranging) data is increasingly available in the southeast region.  This session will describe  LiDAR data formats and parameters and what information you can derive from LiDAR data.  A hands-on exercise for creating a land surface model from "bare earth" LiDAR data will be included.

Knowledge Required for Session: Intermediate to Advanced GIS users

Session Title: Cartographic Design Essentials

Instructors:  Jim Besley, Kurt Snider

Session Content: GIS users enter the field from a variety of disciplines.  Many have not had any formal
training in cartography.  Without the constraints of cartographic conventions, occasionally new GIS users have created innovative map compositions.  More often than not we see a lot of bad maps.  This session will focus on a few key cartographic design principles that will help users communicate their message effectively and create maps that people want to look at. 

Knowledge Required for Session:  Should have basic knowledge of ArcGIS.