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Emergency Consultation

Occasionally, Federal Agencies must respond to emergency situations where human life and property are in danger.  In these situations, compliance with the Endangered Species Act must be a lower priority until the Federal Agency completes their response to the emergency situation.

The Endangered Species Act and its implementing regulations recognize the necessity to respond immediately to emergencies and provide special procedures that allow Federal Agencies the latitude necessary to complete their emergency responses in order to secure human life and property without delay while still providing them with protections that normal compliance under the Endangered Species Act would have afforded them.

It is the Fish and Wildlife Service’s policy to assist Federal Agencies with their Endangered Species Act compliance issues during an emergency response, but to never delay the necessary response to secure human life and property.

The links below are provided to assist you in understanding emergency provisions under the Endangered Species Act, to provide access to pre-existing policies and guidance for emergency responses, and to illustrate typical emergency responses that the Southeast Region has provided in the past:


Explanation of Emergency Response Process
Endangered Species Act Exemptions in Presidentially Declared Disaster Areas
Regional and Field Office Emergency Contacts
Section 7 Flowchart- Emergency Procedures

Sample to Request Emergency Consultation

Hurricane Responses

Sample Hurricane Response Letter
Sample Timber Salvage Response Letter


Fire Responses


Oil Spills and Other Hazardous Materials