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Pygmy madtom (Noturus stanauli)


Illustration by Joseph R. Tomelleri (Copyright)Biologists from TVA, USFWS, and University of Tennessee assisting Conservation Fisheries Inc, gathered in rural East Tennessee to look for some very rare and secretive fish. This collection effort to find some rare, federally listed fish was quite a success! The biologists caught 5 pygmy madtoms! A HUGE find! This was a record for the number collected in a single effort for this federally listed, endangered fish. Pygmy madtoms, like the slender chub, are one of the rarest fishes in the Southeast. The 5 fish were taken back to specially prepared tanks at CFI facilities for propagation efforts for the proposed French Broad/Holston Rivers nonessential experimental population. The very rare slender chub continues to elude capture, but the biologists have not given up yet.

Photo by Mark Cantrell, FWS, Asheville, NC 2007