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Ecosystem Management

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Mississippi Sandhill Crane, USFWS
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Scarlet Tanager, USFWS
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Central Gulf Ecosystem

Ecosystem Facts:
  • The Central Gulf Ecosystem is located within the Pearl, Pascagoula and Mobile River watersheds, which includes most of Alabama, a large part of east Mississippi and the southeast corner of Louisiana.
  • In this area are highly diverse aquatic and terrestrial habitats supporting significant numbers and a wide variety of wildlife species.
  • Major impacts to the area include results of improper practices of land development, agriculture, mining, fire suppression and hydrologic modifications. Stress of impacts has resulted in the rapid loss of species as measured by the number of listed and extinct species.


  • Migratory Birds: Restore and protect key habitats and manage populations of migratory birds.
  • Pine Habitats: Restore and protect pine habitats and their associated plant and animal communities.
  • Riverine Habitats: Restore and protect the important functions and values of riverine habitats such as the Mobile River Basin.
  • Public Outreach: Undertake activities to increase public awareness and interest in fish and wildlife, their habitats, and the ecosystems they depend upon.
Major Activities:
  • Operate environmental education center at Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge
  • Conduct Annual Crane Festival
  • Ecosystem Planning
  • Participate in Mobile River Basin Aquatic Ecosystem Coalition
  • Seek new partners for habitat restoration projects
  • Coordinate Cogongrass control efforts
  • Provide outreach information through the electronic information kiosk system at state welcome centers


Team co-leaders:

Robbie Dailey at:
Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge
P.O. Box 808
Jackson, AL 36545


Stephen Gard at:
North Mississippi Refuges Complex
2776 Sunset Drive
P.O. Box 1070
Grenada, MS 38902-1070


Last updated: September 10, 2008