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  • A map with a polygon drawn to designate an area of interest for development.
    IPaC allows users to draw a polygon around an area of interest to retrieve a list of threatened and endangered species.

    Information for Planning and Consultation (IPAC)

    IPaC is a project planning tool which streamlines the environmental review process by providing information on the location of listed species and other USFWS trust resources which could potentially be affected by a project. Initial project scoping IPaC can assist in identifying threatened or endangered species, critical habitat, migratory birds, or other natural resources that may be impacted by a project, based on a project area as defined by the user.  Learn more...

  • A webpage describing a project to measure shortnose sturgeon success in the Savannah River.
    ScienceBase is an online database of government data, reports, and projects.


    ScienceBase by the U.S. Geological Survey is an open source platform that supports sharing of scientific data, publications, and project tracking.  Learn more...

  • Service Catalog (ServCat)

    The Service Catalog or ServCat is a Web application available to Fish and Wildlife Service employees that compiles documents and organizes data, such as reports, surveys, databases, geospatial data and images.  Learn more...

  • A map of the continental USA showing projects funded by the USFWS.
    Information icon An map of projects entered into TRACS from the website.

    Tracking and Reporting on Actions for Conservation of Species (TRACS)

    Wildlife TRACS is the tracking and reporting system for conservation and related actions funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service‚Äôs Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. There are three ways to search the actions funded: Dashboard, Project Map, or Search by State.  Learn more...

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