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IPaC allows users to draw a polygon around an area of interest to retrieve a list of threatened and endangered species.

Information for Planning and Consultation (IPAC)

IPaC is a project planning tool which streamlines the environmental review process by providing information on the location of listed species and other USFWS trust resources which could potentially be affected by a project.

Initial project scoping

IPaC can assist in identifying threatened or endangered species, critical habitat, migratory birds, or other natural resources that may be impacted by a project, based on a project area as defined by the user.

Resource maps

Users can explore the distribution of important biological resources, such as wetlands, National Wildlife Refuges, critical habitat, GAP land cover, and more.

Official species lists

Users can request an official Species List for their project through IPaC; the list is automatically generated and logged into TAILS and a notification is sent to the appropriate Field Office.

Impact analysis

Users can provide information about a project and receive a list of conservation measures suggested by the USFWS. This information can be used if you need to start a formal consultation.

Assisted determination keys

IPaC recently added in the ability to determine if a project qualifies for a programmatic consultation. By answering simple questions about the proposed project, a user can determine if a project is covered by a programmatic consultation and generate a consistency letter (non-Federal user), or a concurrence verification letter (Federal Agency). Concurrence letters are logged directly into TAILS and notification is sent to the appropriate Field Office.

What’s new with IPaC

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