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Blasting and Other Loud, Intermitten Noise

Steby Step Guidelines & Conservation Measures

Step 2. Will your activity occur during the breeding season?


Your activity is blasting or conducting other activities with loud, intermittent noises near nesting bald eagles during the breeding season.

Therefore, to avoid disturbing nesting eagles and their young, it is recommended that you:
Avoid blasting and other activities that produce extremely loud noises within 1/2 mile of active nests (link to diefinitions) (or within 1 mile in open areas), unless greater tolerance to the activity (or similar activity) has been demonstrated by the eagles in the nesting area.
This recommendation also applies to the use of fireworks classified by the Federal Department of Transportation as Class B explosives, which includes the larger fireworks that are intended for licensed public display.


  • Yes  - I can meet these guidelines. I don't think my project will disturb eagles and I do not wish to apply for a permit at this time.

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Last Updated: March 12, 2015