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Students crowd around an instructor.
Information icon Eric Romaniszyn of non-profit Haywood Waterways giving instructions. by Gary Peeples, USFWS.

Resources for educators

The BiT Activity Booklet has been designed with the needs of upper elementary science teachers in mind. The activities correlate to National Science Education Standards, and were developed by a team of teachers and environmental education experts. Activities offer different means of collecting, organizing and analyzing biological information, and focus on the students’ use of observation skills to make their own discoveries. A 60 word glossary supports information in the activities. Upon booklet completion, students are eligible to receive an official Biologist-in-Training certificate and sticker or patch.

The BiT Activity Card is geared toward pre-K and elementary aged children, and offers ideas for teachers and care-providers in guiding unstructured, free-play in natural aquatic spaces.

The activity card also contains information to families on the importance of providing regular and sustained meaningful interactions with nature for the overall health and well-being of their children. Upon completion of the activities, children are eligible to receive a Biologist-in-Training sticker.

A series of group extension activities based on nationally-recognized environmental education curricula serve to supplement these BiT materials.

Supplemental extension activities are available to download and print. These activities include a list of materials and instructions necessary to complete the exercises.

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