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A male and female volunteer work on a trail with shovels.
Information icon Volunteers John Adams and Julia Hoss begin trail reroute on the nature trail. Photo by Moria Painter, USFWS.

Wolf Creek volunteers make lasting improvements

Volunteers play a vital part in the daily operations at Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery. They staff the visitor contact station with coverage 364 days a year and help with daily fish production needs.

A rare opportunity occasionally presents itself when volunteers with exceptional skills arrive. This winter, Wolf Creek was fortunate to have John Adams and Julia Hoss join the team for a trail reroute project. They brought a wealth of trail building knowledge and experience to the hatchery, having both worked several seasons at the national Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

Due to poor design and an extreme grade, the trail suffered from severe erosion, but this is now only a memory. Adams and Hoss, with the help of 12 other volunteers, put in more than 100 hours. Thanks to their hard work, the Wolf Creek Nature Explorer Trail received a facelift. The new trail design includes several water bars and a sustainable grade that is navigated with ease. As a bonus, a creek at the bottom of the hill contains much less sediment from the runoff during large rain events.

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