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A bright white bird with a red patch on its head and identifying tags on its legs wads through a marsh
Information icon Whooping crane, L4-17 at Holla Bend NWR. Photo courtesy of Ronald Duvall.

Female whooping crane visits Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge

Arkansas’ Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge is hosting a Louisiana reared whooping crane. The first observation of the crane on the refuge was October 3. According to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries biologist Sara Zimorski, this crane is a 2 12-year-old female that was released in 2017.

A large white bird wading in a marsh with its long neck extended to feed
Whooping crane, L4-17 at Holla Bend NWR. Photo courtesy of Ronald Duvall.

Unlike most of the juveniles released at the same time, she took off immediately, has spent more time outside of Louisiana than in it, and has covered a lot of ground in two years. She has previously spent time in Arkansas at two other locations, summered in Oklahoma the past two years, and spent last winter at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge in Alabama. Holla Bend visitors are delighted that she decided to stop at the refuge during her travels.

Thanks to birders with expensive cameras, we have been able to provide Zimorski with pictures that enable her to view the condition of the crane’s satellite transmitter.


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