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A bearded man wearing a bike helmet and kit in front of wildflowers.
Information icon Dr. Wiley Carr enjoying a bike ride. Photo by Wylie Carr, USFWS>

Employee spotlight: Dr. Wylie Carr, external affairs

A bearded man standing in front of a mountanous landscape.
Dr. Wylie Carr. Photo by Wylie Carr, USFWS.

Wylie Carr’s job as a social scientist for conservation is to look at the forests to help save the trees for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. He sees conservation as an inherently biological and social endeavor. Carr’s job as the new Region 4 social scientist is to help understand and address the human side of the Service’s work. He’ll be involved in big picture efforts like the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS), as well as more local efforts like examining public preferences for species or refuge management.

Much of his time will initially be dedicated to SECAS, a federal, state, and non-governmental organization partnership working to develop a shared, long-term vision for the future of the Southeast. He’ll be looking at how issues like population growth, urbanization, the need for increased food production, and climate change will affect the varied Southeast landscapes and the people and wildlife dependent on them. To help develop a shared vision for the region, Wylie will also be talking to urban developers, agricultural producers, landowners, communities, and businesses about conservation and the values we share across the region.

Previously, Carr worked as a research scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Fort Collins, Colorado. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, and a master’s and doctorate from the University of Montana. His graduate work was based in the conservation social sciences with an emphasis on climate change. He studied in England while in graduate school, and also traveled to Kenya, the Solomon Islands and northern Alaska to conduct research for his dissertation on climate change and climate engineering.

Wylie and his family spend a lot of their free time outdoors. He enjoys snowboarding, mountain-biking and fly-fishing, although he’ll have to travel to go snowboarding now. His wife Austen runs a travel business from their home. They have two pre-schoolers, Lucy and Selah.

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