Strategic Habitat Conservation
Southeast Region

South Atlantic South LCC Workshop

October 16 - 18, 2012


Agenda and Presentations

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Location: Coastal Georgia Center, Savannah, GA

Goal: Review multiple processes for establishing conservation objectives while providing specific feedback on: 1) Draft processes from the South Atlantic LCC and the Fish and Wildlife Service and 2) Use group expertise to test out and refine joint process in a specific habitat

Facilitation provided by Group Solutions


  • Review the importance of establishing objectives
  • Provide opportunities for partners to share respective approaches
  • Present and obtain feedback on the SALCC’s draft natural resource indicator process
  • Present and obtain feedback on the FWS draft Guidance on Selecting Species for Design of Landscape-scale Conservation
  • Test and refine the SALCC process that will be used to satisfy both processes


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

12:00pm Welcome and objectives of the workshop (David Viker, SALCC Steering Committee rep for US Fish and Wildlife Service)

12:20pm Introductions (Group Solutions)

12:30pm Discussion of results from Raleigh (Brett & Vern Group Solutions)

1:00pm SALCC process and discussion (Rua Mordecai)

2:00pm Break

2:30pm FWS Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 (John Doresky)

2:45pm FWS Steps 4 & 5, Steps 6 & 7 (Troy Wilson)

3:10pm FWS Steps 8-10 (Sandy Tucker)

3:25pm Summary of process crosswalk (Rua Mordecai)

3:40pm Discussion of processes and crosswalk (Brett and Vern - Group Solutions)

5:00pm Close for the day


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8:30am Intro to day 2 (Ken McDermond, SALCC Coordinator)

8:45am Role of objectives in conservation planning (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation)

9:30am Introduction to lessons learned from existing approaches (Rua Mordecai, SALCC)

9:40am The Nature Conservancy (Maria Whitehead)

10:00am GA Department of Natural Resources (Jon Ambrose)

10:20am South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (Breck Carmichael)

10:40am Break

11:00am US Forest Service (Mary Long)

11:20am National Park Service (Joe DeVivo)

11:40am Environmental Protection Agency (Rick Durbrow)

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (Emily Granstaff)

1:20pm Atlantic Coast Joint Venture (Tim Jones)

1:40pm Discussion of lessons learned (Facilitation:Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

2:20pm Break

2:40pm Test run off the SALCC process for a specific habitat (Rua Mordecai)

3:20pm Discussion of the test run - what worked well and what didn’t? (Facilitation:Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

4:00pm Discussion of roles and responsibilities - Selecting indicators and potential implications (Facilitation:Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

8:30am Recap of feedback and big ideas so far (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

8:45am Continued discussion of roles and responsibilities (Facilitation:Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

10:00am Break

10:30am Workshop summary statement - Take home messages from this meeting (Facilitation:Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

11:25am Workshop evaluation

11:30am Next steps (SALCC, FWS) (Rua, LCC; and Catherine, FWS)

11:50am Final words: Marshall Williams and David Viker



In Your Words: Videos Featuring Thoughts from Attendees


Maria Whitehead, The Nature Conservancy, South Carolina, on the value of sharing research.



Emily Granstaff, Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, discusses the value of talking with the partners like refuges and TNC.



Lisa Garrett, National Park Service, talks about the need for monitoring.


Joe DeVivo, National Park Service, shares lessons-learned on tracking ecosystems.



Rick Durbrow, Environmental Protection Agency, talks about the value of having EPA at the conservation table.



List of Participants

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In Your Words: Videos Featuring Thoughts from Attendees

List of Participants

Trees surround a monument in the square
Monterey Square in historic Savannah, GA. Photo: Fang Guo.

A statue of a woman in mourning against hanging moss
The entrance to Bonaventure Cemetery, a place made famous thanks to the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Photo: Ron Cogswell.


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