Strategic Habitat Conservation
Southeast Region

South Atlantic North LCC Workshop

October 2 - 4, 2012

Additional Resources: Draft natural resource indicator process


Agenda and Presentations

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Location: Raleigh, NC

Goal: Review multiple processes for establishing conservation objectives while providing specific feedback on: 1) Draft processes from the South Atlantic LCC and the Fish and Wildlife Service and 2) Opportunities for establishing shared objectives through a single process.

Facilitations support provided by Group Solutions


  • Review the importance of establishing objectives
  • Provide opportunities for partners to share respective approaches
  • Present and obtain feedback on the SALCC’s draft natural resource indicator process
  • Present and obtain feedback on the FWS draft Guidance on Selecting Species for Design of Landscape-scale Conservation
  • Identify similarities between the efforts and any need for stronger alignment
  • Determine the feasibility of pursuing one process within the SALCC forum for development of the Blueprint and for fulfilling organization specific needs.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

12:00pm Welcome and objectives of the workshop (Mallory Martin, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, SALCC Steering Committee Chair)

12:20pm Introductions

12:30pm Role of objectives in conservation planning (David O’Neill, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation)

1:15pm Introduction to lessons learned from existing approaches (Rua Mordecai, SALCC)

1:30pm FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (Beth Stys)

1:50pm NC Wildlife Resources Commission (Cindy Carr)

2:10pm US Forest Service (Ken Stolte)

2:30pm Break

2:50pm VA Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (Cale Godfrey)

3:10pm Atlantic Coast Joint Venture (Craig Watson)

3:30pm Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (Scott Robinson)

3:50pm Eastern NC/Southeast VA Strategic Habitat Conservation team (Pete Campbell)

4:10pm Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program (Bill Crowell)

4:30pm Lessons learned from other processes (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

5:00pm Close for the day


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

8:30am Intro to day 2 (David Viker, FWS)

9:00am SALCC process (Rua Mordecai)

10:00am Break

10:30am Discussion of SALCC process (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

11:45am Lunch

12:45pm FWS Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3 (Pete Benjamin)

1:30pm FWS Steps 4 & 5, Steps 6 & 7 (John Stanton)

2:15pm FWS Steps 8-10 (Wilson Laney)

2:45pm Break 3:00pm Discussion of Service process (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

3:45pm Crosswalk of SALCC and FWS processes, identify similarities (John Stanton)

4:00pm Determine the feasibility of using a single process for the SALCC and FWS. This will include initial ranking of comments and recommendations (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

4:30pm Determine the feasibility of integration with other efforts and organizations (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

8:30am Recap of feedback - Comments on processes and linkages (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

10:00am Break

10:30am Final ranking of comments and recommendations (Facilitation: Brett+Vern - Group Solutions)

11:25am Workshop evaluation 11:30am Next steps (SALCC, FWS) (Rua, LCC; and Catherine, FWS)

11:50am Final words: Mallory and David



In Your Words: Videos Featuring Thoughts from Attendees


Kim Shumate, Longleaf Program Coordinators North Carolina Forest Service, talks about similarities with the LCCs and the importance of "Buy-In."



Beth Stys, Research Administrator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, talks about the approach that Florida has been doing for twenty years.



Cale Godfrey, Assistant Bureau Director, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, discusses the challenges of species selection, networking and workshop goals.


Pete Campbell, Refuge Manager, Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge, on this next step in the evolution of conservation.



Randy Swillings, Natural Resource Manager at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, National Park Service, talks about the roles of Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.



List of Participants

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In Your Words: Videos Featuring Thoughts from Attendees

List of Participants

City view of Raleigh
The South Atlantic North workshop was held in Raleigh, NC. Photo: Jeanette Runyon.


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