Strategic Habitat Conservation
Southeast Region

The Next Step in Strategic Habitat Conservation: Moving Forward with Landscape-scale Conservation

2012 Southeast Region SHC Workshops

The Southeast Region of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, with support from our partners, is bringing together conservation practitioners for seven workshops to help refine draft guidance that will be used to select species to design functional landscapes capable of supporting fish, wildlife and plants.

The workshops are being held within four Landscape Conservation Cooperatives. Meeting agendas, lists of participants, PowerPoint presentations, videos and highlights from each workshop will be available following each workshop by clicking the title of the workshop below:


Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshops, participants will better understand:

  • The role of selecting species for design of landscape-scale conservation.
  • The connection between surrogate species, conservation targets, and the Service’s approach to landscape-scale conservation (Strategic Habitat Conservation).
  • How past and current work tie into surrogate species.
  • How to provide informed feedback on the Service’s Draft Technical Guidance on Selecting Species for Design of Landscape-scale Conservation.



A room full of conservationists
About 50 people attended the surrogate species workshop in St. Petersburg. Photo: Stacy Shelton, USFWS.

A cartoon of a snake saying, 'I ate your surrogate. Protect me?'
An anonymous attendee provided a series of surrogate species cartoons in the feedback box. This one features a snake saying, "I ate your surroagate species. Protect me?" See more of the cartoons on the Caribbean workshop page.

USFWS's Cindy Dohner holds a scribbled-on bingo card with a smile
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Regional Director Cindy Dohner shows off her winning bingo card. Participants were asked to get others at the workshop to sign their card, for prizes. Cindy won a Fish and Wildlife hat. Photo: Stacy Shelton, USFWS.



Last updated: July 9, 2013