Grand Bay Expansion Proposal
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About the Proposal


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposes to expand the Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Mississippi and southwestern Alabama by a total of 8,428 acres.

The refuge, established in 1992, currently manages 10,216 acres. The refuge and the proposed expansion are in the coastal zone of Jackson County, Mississippi and Mobile County, Alabama. The area has tremendous biological diversity. Swamps, wet pine savannas and flatwoods, riverine corridors, estuarine tidal marshes, and nearshore coastal waters are home to waterfowl, grassland birds, the tricolored heron and other wading birds, the American oystercatcher and other shorebirds, white-tailed deer, American alligator, and gray fox, as well as spotted sea trout, flounder, oysters, blue crab, brown shrimp and white shrimp.

Learn more about the proposed expansion by reading the Overview of the Proposal.

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News and Upcoming Events


October 24, 2011: Draft proposal for Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge boundary expansion available for public comment

Download the Draft Land Protection Plan/Environmental Assessment

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  • For additional information, please call Kimberly Eldridge, Regional Land Protection Planner, at 404-679-7207 or Maury Bedford, Project Leader, at 228-497-6322.

Proposed Project Schedule

  • Conduct Public Scoping & Meetings: end of June 2011
  • Develop Draft Land Protection Plan & NEPA Document: July - August 2011
  • Conduct Public Review and Comment on Proposal: November 2011
  • Final Decision from Service Director: Early 2012




A gopher tortoise with his mouth open preparing to eat a blade of grass

Expanding the Grand Bay boundary will provide USFWS support to a large colony of endangered gopher tortoises. Photo: uberphot.

A yellow-fringed orchid beginning to bloom

The yellow-fringed orchid, Platanthera
ciliaris, is an amazingly flashy fall bloomer. Photo: Doug Hunt, USFWS.

Last updated: October 24, 2011