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Five-year Reviews for Federally Listed Species

Federal Register -- 2008

Species Taxa Status
Slender chub Fish Threatened
Blackside dace Fish Threatened
Vermillion darter Fish Endangered
Pygmy madtom Fish Endangered
Palezone shiner Fish Endangered
fanshell Mussel Endangered
Inflated heelsplitter Mussel Threatened
Pink mucket Mussel Endangered
Spruce-fir moss spider Arachnid Endangered
Cave crayfish Crustacean Endangered
Pyne’s ground plum Plant Endangered
Small-anthered bittercress Plant Endangered
Leafy prairie clover Plant Endangered
Smooth coneflower Plant Endangered
Spreading avens Plant Endangered
Roan Mountain bluet Plant Endangered
Rough-leaved loosestrife Plant Endangered
Michaux’s sumac Plant Endangered
Alabama canebrake pitcher plant Plant Endangered
Blue Ridge goldenrod Plant Threatened
Key Largo cotton mouse Mammal Endangered
Audobon’s crested caracara Bird Threatened
Gulf sturgeon
Fish Threatened
Stock Island tree snail Snail Threatened
Appalachicola rosemary Plant Endangered
Beautiful pawpaw Plant Endangered
Florida golden aster Plant Endangered
Florida skullcap Plant Threatened
Florida ziziphus Plant Endangered
Four petal pawpaw Plant Endangered
Garrett’s mint Plant Endangered
Gentian pinkroot Plant Endangered
Godfrey’s butterwort Plant Threatened
Harper’s beauty Plant Endangered
Okeechobee gourd Plant Endangered
Scrub mint Plant Endangered
Scrub plum Plant Endangered
White birds in a nest Plant Threatened


Last updated: February 2, 2009