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To find out which species are listed in each county, hover your cursor over the county and left click on the county in the map below.

Please note - the USFWS "lead office" for a species may not be South Dakota, but if you have specific questions about a species in South Dakota, please ask someone from the South Dakota Field Office.

The species' range is to the County level which means the species is found somewhere in the county (i.e. nesting eagles) or passes through the county (i.e. cranes on migration).

If you need more detailed information within a county, please contact the South Dakota Field Office.



To download a species list (endangered, threatened and candidate) showing all the counties in which each species occurs in, click here (April 6, 2016 South Dakota Species List by County ) PDF

Click here to find out who to contact in our office for a particular species.



Last updated: May 31, 2016

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