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Law Enforcement Offices

Special Agent Special Agent
28563 Powerhouse Road 39650 Sand Lake Drive
Pierre, SD 57501 Columbia, SD 57433
605-224-9045 605-885-6403

Acquisition Offices

Aberdeen Wetlands Acquisition Office Huron Wetlands Acquisition Office
Refuge Manager Project Leader
Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge Federal Bldg, Room 307
39650 Sand Lake Drive 200 4th Street, SW
Columbia, SD 57433-0025 Huron, SD 57350-2470
605-885-6357 605-352-7014

Partners for Wildlife Office

Brookings Wildlife Habitat Office

Kurt Forman, Project Leader
520-B 3rd Avenue North, P.O. Box 247
Brookings, SD 57006

National Wildlife Refuges

Huron Wetlands Management District Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge
Manager Refuge Manager
Federal Building, Room 309 29746 Bird Road
200 4th Street SW Martin, SD 57551
Huron, SD 57350 605-685-6508
Lake Andes National Wildlife Refuge Complex and Karl Mundt National Wildlife Refuge
Refuge Manager
38672 291st Street
Lake Andes, SD 57356
Madison Wetlands Management District Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Manager Refuge Manager
P.O. Box 48 39650 Sand Lake Dr.
Madison, SD 57042 Columbia, SD 57433-0025
605-256-2974 605-885-6320
Complex Manager
44401 134A Street
Waubay, SD 57273

National Fish Hatcheries

D.C. Booth National Historic Fish Hatchery Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery
Director Project Leader
423 Hatchery Circle 31227 436th Avenue
Spearfish, SD 57783-4683 Yankton, SD 57078
605-642-7730 605-665-3352

Fishery Management Office

Great Plains Fish and Wildlife Management Office

Project Leader
420 S. Garfield Avenue, Suite #400
Pierre, SD 57501-5408


Last updated: September 9, 2013

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