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Let's Go Outside . . .


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melissa blue

Melissa Blue Butterflies photo by Doug Backlund,

The Connecticut Connection or
Ella is my Hero . . .

Ella D. (age 6) gets her own webpage because it is kids like her that make my day and make my work worth doing. Thanks Ella!
Thanks to your sisters Cass, Grace, and Keira for joining in too.

Ella (and her Mom) sent an email to the USFWS Regional Office saying they were concerned about prairie butterflies and asked how they could help. Ella and her sisters have already brightened our project by sending me some of their artwork. They are also hoping to create some plant signs and butterfly feeders to put into the garden.


$ $ Ella's Hard Work Pays Off $ $

Ella has a future in biology and fundraising. I just received a donation of $ 300 that Ella raised by telling family, friends and neighbors about the South Dakota Butterfly Garden. It would have been fun to see this little salesperson in action. Thanks Ella! The funds will be used for seeds and/or plants for next year.


Here is a photo of the plant identification tags that Ella and her sisters painted . . .


Here is a photo of Ella's butterfly feeder. It looks much better in person. Ella has her name going around the jar and lots of decorations. We are going to try to find a good place for it in the garden where the South Dakota winds won't be too hard on it.


Here is some of Ella's artwork:



Ella 2002


Ella 3003

Here is some of Cass' artwork (age 10):

Cass 1006

Cass 2007

Here is some of Keira's artwork (age 8):

Keira 1004

Keira 2005

And last but not least - Grace's artwork (age3):




Where is the Garden?

Oahe-Downstream Location Map

Fort Pierre, South Dakota


The Garden is located south of the parking lot by the Visitor Center. A large kiosk is at the edge of the trail.




This project was made possible with a grant from the USFWS Connecting People with Nature - Let's Get Outside fund.

lets go outside

An additional small grant came from the South Dakota Chapter of The Wildlife Society.


USFWS couldn't do this alone - many thanks go to the staff of South Dakota Game Fish & Parks for their participation during all aspects of the project -

Pat Buscher
Eileen Dowd Stukel
Maggie Lindsey
Dave Ode
Ryan Raynor
Pat Thompson


The Activity Guide by Jen Fowler was made possible through the SDGFP Wildlife Division Small Grants Program.

Thanks go to the many students that participated in classroom activities to help grow plants and decorate the garden.

Thanks to Colleen Thompson for helping coordinate activities at the garden.

A big Thank You to all the volunteers who will help plant the perennials June 1 and 2.

Photos have been provided by:
Doug Backlund and Gary Marrone

Thanks to Gary Marrone for his inspiration to getting all of us interested in butterflies. Look for his book Field Guide to Butterflies of South Dakota, published in 2002.



Last updated: September 9, 2013

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