Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Region



Horse & Burro Management

Transportation and Roads

Driving or riding any mechanical vehicle (including bicycles) off road is prohibited and they must remain on established roads. Please respect all road closures. Most refuge roads are not maintained for passenger vehicles. Those who wish to travel off the main thoroughfares need high clearance and four-wheel drive vehicles. Small amounts of precipitation can make roads very muddy. During the winter and spring, most refuge roads are impassable due to snow or wet conditions. Please avoid driving on muddy roads for your own safety and the protection of fragile resources.


rock with petroglyphs


Please enjoy artifacts in place. Collecting, possessing or damaging arrowheads, petroglyphs or any form of artifact is strictly prohibited. Searching for and removing Cultural Artifacts is prohibited and is a violation of law.


All pets must be leashed. Dogs used for hunting during the waterfowl or upland bird hunts, are permitted to be unleashed as long as they remain under strict voice control.


Aircraft including hang gliders, may not land on the refuge. The use of aircraft over refuge lands at an altitude that results in harassment of any wildlife is prohibited.


Weapons possessed for purposes other than in-season hunting must be unloaded and cased or dismantled. Discharge of firearms for target practice is not allowed. Areas closed to hunting include Little Sheldon, Dufurrena, the Virgin Valley and other areas as posted.

Keep in mind...

The high desert is a beautiful and harsh environment where conditions can be extreme. Please take the time to be well prepared before visiting the refuge.

Summer necessities:plenty of drinking water, sun screen, insect repellent and first-aid supplies should be kept on hand.

Night time temperatures can dip below freezing any time of year, so pack accordingly.

Supplies and Services: gasoline and groceries are available in Denio, NV (14 miles from the east boundary), Lakeview, OR (68 miles west from boundary on Hwy 140), Cedarville, CA (46 miles from west boundary) and Winnemucca, NV (100 miles from east boundary). They are the nearest full service communities with overnight lodging, auto repair, retail stores and tourist information. During the summer months, the Royal Peacock Mine in Virgin Valley has some supplies such as ice and several furnished overnight accommodations and a payphone.

Emergency services and roadside assistance are not readily available on the refuge. Cellular phone coverage is extremely limited. Refuge staff are not able to provide or sell gas, ice, phone access, towing or auto repair service.

Plan to pack out what you pack in. Garbage collection and septic dumping facilities are not provided on the refuge.

Potable water is available at Virgin Valley Campground.

On Sheldon NWR, public uses are managed to protect wildlife and maintain the rugged, remote, and undeveloped character of the refuge. A wide variety of opportunities are available for visitors to experience and explore. Please be safe, remember the consumption of, or possession of open container(s) of alcohol in a vehicle are prohibited on the refuge.

Last updated: July 11, 2014