Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council

Secretarial Orders

The Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council has prepared numerous policy and program recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior and other agencies. These recommendations have been influential with establishing both formal and informal operating policies with federal agencies. A brief description of each policy and program recommendation is included below.

Secretarial Order 3347

Department of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed Secretary’s Order 3347 on March 2, 2017: Conservation Stewardship and Outdoor Recreation. Section 4.a. directs the Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, and the Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management to report to the Secretary within 30 days on all actions taken to implement Executive Order (E.O.) 13443 and achieve its goals; all actions described by the E.O. that have not occurred; explanation of regulatory, legislative, policy, or other barriers preventing or slowing implementation of the E.O.; and recommendations to improve implementation of the E.O.

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Secretarial Order 3356

Secretary Zinke signed Secretary’s Order 3356 on September 15, 2017: Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Shooting, and Wildlife Conservation Opportunities and Coordination with States, Tribes and Territories. Section 4.a (2) directs each agency to provide a detailed plan to implement the recommendations provided to the Secretary pursuant to Secretary’s Order 3347.

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