Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council

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The Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council currently has three standing committees, a varying number of ad hoc committees and appointees on other boards.


This committee is composed of the Council chairperson, vice chairperson, committee chairs and the immediate past chairperson (if still serving as a Council member). The committee assists in recommending agenda topics to the Designated Federal Officer and helping to prioritize Council activities. Council members are Scott Kovarovics - Chair; Betty Huskins - Vice chair; Mike Nussman - Fisheries Issues Committee Chair; John Sprague - Boating Issues Committee Chair.

Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Tier II

This group assists in review of grant applications for the Boating Infrastructure Grant Program (BIG). The Service’s BIG program funds projects that construct, renovate, and maintain tie-up facilities for boaters, and to produce and distribute information and educational materials. The subcommittee is made up of boating industry experts whose knowledge and expertise in engineering and boating programs compliment the Service’s grant management professionals’ skills. This subcommittee provides their recommendations through the full Council to the Service Director for consideration in the final selection of awards. Council members John Sprague, Janine Belleque, Chris Edmonston, non-council members James Adams, Terry Boyd, Ed Poolos.

Boating Issues

This committee monitors federal government actions that affect aquatic systems and recreational fisheries and evaluate their effect on boaters and anglers recreational activities. The committee has provided evaluations of all Service’s boating related grant programs funded from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund. Council members John Sprague, Janine Belleque, Chris Edmonston, Eugene “Mac” McKeever, Alvin Taylor, Nicole Vasilaros.

Boating Technology

This subcommittee is expected to include boating industry professionals that can advise the Service on how emerging technology can impact boaters. The subcommittee will be a resource for Service grant managers that lack practical expertise in marina development, boat ramp and dock construction, and similar infrastructure commonly funded with grant funds. Council members John Sprague, Janine Belleque, Chris Edmonston. Additional members to be determined at next meeting.

Federal Interagency Council on Outdoor Recreation (FICOR)/Federal Recreation

This subcommittee focuses on engaging FICOR on issues pertaining to recreational fishing and boating. FICOR representatives participate in some council meetings and provide presentations on Federal recreation issues as requested. Currently this group is working with federal agencies to improve the efficiency of their boat access permitting processes to better serve boating stakeholders. Council members Scott Kovarovics, Doug Boyd, Chris Edmonston, Fred Harris, Mike Nussman, John Sprague.

Fisheries Issues

This committee monitors federal activities that affect aquatic systems and the recreational fisheries they support as well as the overall condition of recreational fishery resources. Examples of this committee’s actions include evaluating the Service’s fisheries program and developing strategic vision recommendations based on their evaluation. Council members Mike Nussman, John Arway, Douglass Boyd, Fred Harris, Scott Kovarovics, Jerry McKinnis.

Outreach and Communications

This committee recommends policies or programs that foster conservation ethics in recreational fishing and boating and stimulate angler and boater participation in the conservation and restoration of aquatic resources through outreach and education. This committee led the Council’s evaluation of the marketing and outreach initiatives of the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) who currently receive funding from the Service’s National Outreach and Communication Program (NOCP). Council members Scott Kovarovics, Betty Huskins, Douglass Boyd, Fred Harris, Mike Nussman