Sport Fishing and Boating Partnership Council


Friday, January 17, 2017
10:00am Eastern - Until complete
5275 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, Virginia

Call Information:
Toll Free #866-717-5974
Passcode #

10:00 AM Eastern

Convene meeting and introductions
Scott Kovarovics, SFBPC Chairman

10:10 AM

SFBPC Boating Infrastructure Tier II ranking committee scoring recommendations and finalize Council recommendations - John Sprague, Boating Issues Committee Chair and Janine Belleque, SFBPC member

10:30 AM

SFBPC/RBFF/AFWA/USFWS Performance Metrics Work Team recommendations for performance metrics for the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation -
Scott Kovarovics, SFBPC Performance Metrics Team Chair

11:00 AM

SFBPC Transition Program Recommendations to Secretary - Scott Kovarovics, SFBPC Chair and Betty Huskins, SFBPC Vice Chair

11:25 AM

Other Council business:
Status of SFBPC representatives to RBFF Board of Directors Spring meeting update
Public comment period

11:30 AM