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Common Murre Restoration Project:
Murre Maniac Reports for school children

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Collage of Common Murre, Common Murre Chick, and Biologist

The Murre Maniac is a monthly newsletter from April - July put out by the Common Murre Restoration Project. It is aimed at the school children who participate in the project's environmental education program Webs Under Waves: Exploring Coastal Marine Life. The newsletter contains information on the murre colony at Devil's Slide Rock and how they are faring during the breeding season. Major events such as first egg lay dates, numbers of eggs and chicks on the rock, and last chick fledge dates are discussed as well as general seabird breeding behaviour. We also include numbers from our bi-weekly colony counts which teachers can then pass on to the children to keep track of how the bird population changes on the rock during each month.

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Last updated: January 4, 2012