SF Bay-Delta Fisheries

White sturgeon, USFWS photo

White sturgeon, San Joaquin River

The Bay-Delta Fish & Wildlife Office has jurisdiction over listed, proposed, candidate and other sensitive aquatic species the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and San Francisco Bay of California. Species include the delta smelt, longfin smelt and Sacramento splittail. See also our Delta Fisheries Resources page and delta smelt kid-friendly species account.

Smelt Working Group

The Smelt Working Group evaluates up-to-date biological and technical issues regarding delta and longfin smelt and develops recommendations for consideration by the Service in its implementation of the Operational Criteria and Plan (OCAP) Biological Opinion. See the Smelt Working Group page for notes and determinations.

Service Fish Hatcheries Helping Endangered California Salmon in Innovative Ways

Visit this page to read a feature story about what the Service's Northern California hatcheries are doing to protect salmon. And visit our Hatcheries page.

Major Topics

Smelt Status Assessments
June 27, 2016

Delta Smelt Q&A

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OCAP - Operational Criteria and Plan for coordination of the Central Valley (of California) Project and State Water Project.

Bay Delta Conservation Plan

Bay Delta Conservation Plan website

Delta Smelt Recovery

2013 USFWS Delta Smelt Recovery Index

National Academy of Sciences Delta Review

Climate Change