Habitat Conservation Plans

Conservation of wildlife and open spaces does not have to be in conflict with economic growth and development. Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) provide a pathway forward to balance wildlife conservation with development. The primary objective of the HCP program is to conserve species and the ecosystems they depend on while streamlining permitting for economic development.

HCPs are planning documents prepared by non-federal parties as part of an application for an incidental take permit. An HCP includes:

  1. An assessment of the likely impacts on protected species
  2. Measures that will be taken to minimize and mitigate for impacts
  3. An analysis of alternatives not chosen
  4. Funding assurances
  5. Measures that will be taken to monitor and manage species and their habitats

HCPs Within Our Jurisdiction:

Low-Effect Habitat Conservation Plan South River Pump Station Flood Protection Project

For a complete list of HCPs across the country, visit our national Conservation Plans & Agreements Database.