Science Excellence

Contractors Available to Conduct Peer Review and Other Science Support

To support the objective of scientific integrity and peer review, the Service (and all other DOI agencies) has convenient use of several agreements (contracts). The scope of these available agreements includes:

Click here to view the full Performance Work Statement. The awardees of these agreements are EMPSi, AMEC, and Atkins.

All offices and Programs of the Service, along with other DOI Bureaus, may access these contractors by task order through their servicing contracting offices. The process is outlined in the Ordering Guide.

For additional questions about contracting and use of this multi-bureau, blanket purchase agreement (BPA) for Scientific, Technical, and Advisory Services please contact Jerry Perry (; 304-876-7699).

For technical assistance, please contact Dave Scott (; 404-679-7231).

Last updated: August 8, 2017

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