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North American Fauna

Online (2009-) ISSN 1944-687X
Print (1889-1991) ISSN 0078-1304

Scope and Content: North American Fauna encourages submission of monographs on an array of topics relating to North American vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. Appropriate treatments include descriptions of groups of taxa, ecosystems, or complex interactions among species and basic research on species life history, distribution, population dynamics and taxonomy, and must be of sufficient detail to be considered among the authoritative publication on the topic or species covered. For additional information on monograph acceptance criteria, see the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Scientific Journals Home Page and the North American Fauna Guide for Authors.

Access: Available in electronic format only and is public domain. Unlimited full-text HTML and PDF file access is free and open to anyone. As of February 2016, both the JFWM and NAF are abstracted and indexed by the following commercial databases: Scopus (Elsevier), Web of Science (Thomson Reuters), Natural Science Collection (ProQuest), Gale/Cengage Learning databases, and EBSCO's Environment Complete. The contents are also available via Agricola as well as many other open access search tools.

Submissions: All monographs for North American Fauna must be submitted using the online submission site. New users must register for an account to submit manuscripts. Further details of the online submission and review process are found in the North American Fauna Guide for Authors.

Volunteer as a Reviewer: Register here to complete your online profile. Once there, start with the “Register Here” link below the login and be sure to record your desire to serve as a reviewer by answering “yes” to the question in the form: “Will you consider being a Reviewer for this journal?” Registering on this Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management site will also make you available as a reviewer for North American Fauna.

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