Science Excellence

2013 Rachel Carson Award for Scientific Excellence (Individual)

Photo of Rosemarie Gnam. Credit: USFWSDr. Rosemarie Gnam


Award Criteria 1: Demonstration of Leadership Traits

As Chief of the Division of Scientific Authority in the International Affairs Program, Dr. Gnam provides scientific support for implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in the United States, which entails (1) working with States, Tribes, and other stakeholders to monitor U.S. species in trade to ensure that export levels are biologically sustainable and to address their conservation needs; (2) preparation of proposals to list, delist, or change the listing status of species under CITES; (3) providing recommendations for U.S. positions on proposals from other countries and other technical issues considered at meetings of the Conference of the Parties (CoPs) to CITES; (4) providing biological (non-detriment) findings for the issuance of import and export permits (15,000-20,000 permits annually); (5) providing advice on the suitability of facilities to receive live specimens of rare Appendix-I species; (6) determining whether scientific institutions, breeding operations, and nurseries to determine qualify for CITES exemptions; and (7) providing technical advice on other issues related to wildlife trade, including disease risks, introduction of invasive species, and the evaluation of other threats to species in trade (e.g., climate change).

While Dr. Gnam's specific expertise is in ornithology, she has demonstrated a keen ability to apply scientific principles to a wide array of taxa, across a variety of habitat types, and each with its own unique challenges.  Her work is both domestic and international in scope; within the United States the work of her offices extends to all Regions of the Fish and Wildlife Service (Service).  Her proficiency as a Science Leader has been demonstrated as follows:


Award Criteria 2: Support for Scientific Activities of Staff

Dr. Gnam supports the scientific activities of her staff by:


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