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About Science Applications

Science Applications works to coordinate internal and partner efforts developing and applying science for conservation outcomes by ensuring science products are high quality, non-duplicative, and accessible to fish and wildlife managers and decision makers. Science Applications has responsibility for leading Service efforts in Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, Information Quality and Scientific Integrity, and Climate Change Adaptation.

All FWS Programs have their part to play with mission pursuit, including the generation, sharing, and application of scientific processes and products.  Science Applications staff includes personnel in the Service headquarters, Area Regional Directors, Landscape Conservation Cooperative Coordinators, and a variety of supporting positions.

Dr. Benjamin N. Tuggle serves as the Assistant Director for Science Applications. Assistant Regional Directors for Science Applications in each of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regions extend the broader national responsibilities to Regions, and work directly with biologists, project leaders, and Regional office staff to form strategic and issue oriented networks.

Behind the traditional organization chart, however, exists an agile network of shared positions, details, biologist and project leader volunteers that are deployed to change and issue management.

Last updated: August 31, 2017

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