Monarch Conservation Database

Monarch butterfly on butterflyweed. Photo by Mara Koenig, USFWS.
Monarch butterfly on butterflyweed. Photo by Mara Koenig/USFWS.

We are developing a database to capture new, ongoing and planned conservation efforts for the monarch butterfly. Conservation efforts are on-the-ground actions designed to improve the population status of monarchs. This includes improving and creating habitat by enhancing milkweed and blooming nectar plant resources. The database will help the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and conservation partners assess conditions for the monarch now and into the future, across the United States.

We expect the database to be ready for data entry by June 2018. Until that time, we will host a series of webinars as an opportunity to provide updates and to receive your feedback on database development. Comments and questions regarding the database can also be provided by email to

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Webinar Presentations

Database FAQs (PDF)

Database Fields (PDF) updated April 19, 2018

Threats and Activities Table (PDF) updated April 19, 2018

Simplified Version of Data Model (1.3 MB PDF)

Draft Excel Bulk Upload Template (XLSX)

MCD Workflow Diagram (PDF)

Monarch Species Status Assessment

Policy for Evaluating Conservation Efforts When Making Listing Decisions (PDF)

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